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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cell Phone Tele-Prompt

I was calling Kristine the other night and she had a special voicemail set up for another friend arriving by plane, it went along the lines as: "This is Kristine, if this is Marquessa, my address is ....."

That got me thinking, why don't we have the ability to set up tele-prompts on our voicemail? Think about the possibilities, you could give out public information and use caller ID to allow access to private information.

For instance:
  • Give out your home/work address
  • Store directions to your house (so you only have to say them once!)
  • Give out your email address
  • Give out your home/work phone number
  • Create quick adhoc informational prompts
The list could go on, but those are a few key points that I think people would love to have on there cell phone.

My thoughts on the 'private information' is that you could create/maintain a list of your close contacts, either by manually typing in a phone number, voice command, uploading your phone book somehow?, or a web based interface. Personally, I wouldn't mind giving out my address even to strangers, because they could find that easily enough via a white pages or the internet.


Blogger todd said...

I agree. I've left my phone at work, and I've had the need to leave instructions for specific people on the voicemail, like call my house phone, which I don't give out that often. Now my voicemail has the message with my home number and everyone can call, when I only wanted that one person to have it. I'm using the VOIP service at home and it has a couple features I really like. Such as an internet interface for checking messages, creating forward instructions (specific numbers apply), etc. I'm sure they can build this in to their app. Wireless VOIP will take over soon anyway -- I can't wait, I hate the telephony part of telecomm, they're all bastards.

8:43 AM

Blogger Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

the only time you mention ME is as a bridge onto something techy. i think you have intimacy issues.

4:19 PM


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